☆ Apr. 1, 2020

☆ Apr. 1, 2020
The economy runs on people, goods and money. The flow of money stopped in the Lehman Shock, and the flow of people and goods stopped this time. As in the case of the Lehman Shock, monetary policy such as monetary easing cannot recover alone this time. Review the business on going.
☆ Apr. 1, 2019
With love, with sincerity, there are people & horses waiting for me in Hokkaido, I will absolutely answer their expectations!
☆ Apr. 1, 2018
A day start running & boxing training at Kowloon Park.
☆ Apr. 1, 2017
Next year, I will be a New Yorker: running at Central Park.
☆ Apr. 1, 2016
<1. Single 2. Self-sufficiency 3. Horse Owner> Malaysia (20 million), Switzerland (100 million), Horse Owner (1 billion): deadline 3 years ☆ seriously thinking about the time to get win (value) ! Winning on 24 hours !
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