☆ Apr. 2, 2020

☆ Apr. 2, 2020
“Telework” Simultaneous commuting to the office (at the same time and at the same place) is forcibly stopped, and the transition to telework is accelerating in the world. If can’t ride this wave, the business will be disappeared.

☆ Apr. 2, 2019
Every single time, I have had a good luck: it is this “outstanding luck” leading to the success !

☆ Apr. 2, 2018
A day starting sunburn at Kowloon Park & a day exploring the free shower at Kowloon Park.

☆ Apr. 2, 2017
When I am into a trance, I can reach my maximum capability: how I could create this status, and how I could continue this.

☆ Apr. 2, 2016
The orthodontic treatment ☆ a day of the revival !

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