☆ Apr. 4, 2020

☆ Apr. 4, 2020
『ふるさとの さくら満開 見れぬまま 翌年会おう 復活の年に』
“Hometown cherry blossoms in full bloom but not seen, see you next year ! the revival year !”
☆ Apr. 4, 2019
Unconsciousness creates the reality. “Key Point” most of the reality is creating by the unconsciousness more naturally than the consciousness. To make dream come true, adjust the consciousness equal to the unconsciousness. If the two are different, the unconsciousness gets priority. Rather imaging the reality consciously, unconscious image becomes the reality. Thinking unconsciously, dreams are coming true. The consciousness and the unconsciousness will be integrated.
☆ Apr. 4, 2018
The moment when waking up in the morning is the best time feeling very clearheaded, and it’s very important what I think and what I do at that time.
☆ Apr. 4, 2017
Whenever I try to achieve something, I got to break through the several walls appearing in front of me.
☆ Apr. 4, 2016
A day of making the Hotel-call website strengthen
☆ Apr. 4, 2015
A day of Abu Dhabi
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』