☆ Apr. 7, 2020

☆ Apr. 7, 2020
『今日の日は 生きてきた日の 決算で 今これからの 始まりである』
“Today’s day is the cut-off day of the living until now, and it’s also the day of the beginning of new future.”
☆ Apr. 7, 2019
Hiding dragon and baby chicken
☆ Apr. 7, 2018
Getting overwhelming No.1, otherwise, becoming an algae debris in the ocean
☆ Apr. 7, 2017
It is not a time to stand out yet, but in a few years, my time will be coming.
☆ Apr. 7, 2016
After shutting out the information of the Chunichi Dragons, I am in a great condition ! After all, I do not need the Chunichi Dragons and baseball now, time is limited.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』