☆ Apr. 8, 2020

ドアラ コアラ
☆ Apr. 8, 2020
『コアラには しっぽがなくて 進化した ドアラには しっぽが生えた』
“Koalas have no tails, and DOALA has evolved his tails.”
☆ Apr. 8, 2019
Do not stick to make a perfect in the first time. Proceed on the premise of gradually making a perfect in the second and third times. As a result, it is more efficient.
☆ Apr. 8, 2018
Certainly looking on the future, work desperately ! !
☆ Apr. 8, 2017
Believe in the coming opportunity, devote everything to one point without going to the other points.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』