☆ Mar. 1, 2020

☆ Mar. 1, 2020
Make a plan and do not ignore that plan. Go for the goal. And, the core is always steady. 1. JRA 2. Summer Boston / Winter Dubai 3. R’s resident
(計画を立て、その計画から逃げるな。目標に向かって、突き進め。常に芯をブレるな。1. JRA 2. 夏ボストン・冬ドバイ 3. rの住人)
☆ Mar. 1, 2019
I first bought at “Saint Laurent” in my life, my favorite bland.
☆ Mar. 1, 2018
I felt disappointed and called suicide hotline, but no one answered my call at all, got mad, that’s why created a suicide hotline by myself.
☆ Mar. 1, 2017
Life is only now, and how hard we can live now makes happiness.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日 俺の人生』