☆ Mar. 10, 2020

☆ Mar. 10, 2020
At present, the global stock market is significantly down due to the new corona-virus. Some people may take a break or stop investing due to such concerns. However, “periodic investment” keeps purchasing units for a fixed amount every month, so when the price is falling, more units can be purchased and the “average acquired unit price” decreases. Later, when the market recovers, more rebounds can be expected. It is meaningful to keep funding during a recession. Even if the corona problem worsens and the economy slows significantly, economic growth will continue worldwide and stock prices will eventually recover. Hope that the situation will be solved and the healthy life style will continue.
☆ Mar. 10, 2019
Even if I do not work for myself, I could gradually make money flow day by day.
☆ Mar. 10, 2018
Except for eating, sleeping, and going toilets, I decided to use my time to make money.
☆ Mar. 10, 2017
I must do something ! I decided to use my time to make money.
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