☆ Mar. 12, 2020

If you do your best and do your best, you can reverse as much as you can and never think you lose !
☆ Mar. 12, 2019
The day of opening up Taiwan: I’m so excited ! Let’s go !! Show them my man power ! Tsuyoshi !!
☆ Mar. 12, 2018
The day of completing the Free Pelican : this is a crystal of my wisdom until living up to now.
☆ Mar. 12, 2017
Through this one-time life, until my spirit lasts, and my soul lasts, I will try my best to make all the efforts, and I will give back to the communities around and all over the earth.
☆ Mar. 12, 2016
The day of start recruiting the medical interpreters for Tainan and Kaohsiung.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日 俺の人生』