☆ Mar. 15, 2020

☆ Mar. 15, 2020
Now ! Here is definitely the matching point. On the 75th day since the New Year’s Day, now, here do the best and laugh at the end of the year !!
☆ Mar. 15, 2019
Do a little bit better than yesterday. Live today. Continue to keep going every day without changing things dramatically in one day. Try to go forward even one step in a day.
☆ Mar. 15, 2018
Try to find out how to connect WordPress with Facebook, searched, and tried, but I couldn’t and struggled with myself.
☆ Mar. 15, 2017
A day I did conduct a good thing based on my beliefs: this life time is important ! for a man flying to the future and shining !!
☆ Mar. 15, 2016
WordPress New Year <I had a special training of WordPress ! > during this weekend.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日 俺の人生』