☆ Mar. 19, 2020

☆ Mar. 19, 2020
After the outbreak of coronavirus, the reality is that the living environment of life on Earth has improved significantly. If humans do not take advantage of this lesson after the convergence of the virus, the living environment will only worsen.
☆ Mar. 19, 2019
At first glance, in a peaceful human society, there is a daily competition for survival. And it is quite different whether you notice it and living everyday or not.
☆ Mar. 19, 2018
When telling “You are pretty,” a person answering “thank you” is actually having potential to become more pretty in the future, than a person denying that “I am not pretty.”
☆ Mar. 19, 2017
If you love money, you always love it consistently ! The money will not attract for those who saying “money is not important.”
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