☆ Mar. 22, 2020

☆ Mar. 22, 2020
(毎日やること、続けることで「熱量」が大きくなってくる。その「熱量」が人を巻き込んでいく:習慣化する Adsense & Analytics & Adwordsの3本柱)
Doing daily and continuing will increase the amount of heat. The “calories” involve people: Make the habit of the three main components of Adsense & Analytics & Adwords.
☆ Mar. 22, 2019
Perhaps there are a lot of “miss opportunities without being noticed” due to my lack of ability. I would like to make a few efforts to make these chances even more noticeable. Now, I will find the Oguri-Cap’s breeding mare !
☆ Mar. 22, 2018
A day when Wakita-san’s Hong Kong Wakyo-kai lecture & bought virtual currency Etheriam for 1.8 million yen
☆ Mar. 22, 2017
The more we get “thank you” in one day, the more we need in the society.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』