☆ Mar. 24, 2020

☆ Mar. 24, 2020
Don’t be too pessimistic, get the correct information, do everything we could, positively take the next steps, and prepare for the next chance. Identify the measures to increase and what are missing to fulfill the future. Draw the desired future and the lifestyle, and accumulate actions that lead to that future.

☆ Mar. 24, 2019
If I always focus on “one thing” at one time, I could get the expected result, but being greedy, I would try to do multiple things at once ! It is clear that if I break through one point, I will get a definite result ! ! It’s okay to simply repeat breaking through one point straight away ! ! !

☆ Mar. 24, 2018
Being patient by using the LCC, and being patient by riding on the night train “Moonlight NAGARA: Nagoya 23:20 → Toyohashi 00:18 → Hamamatsu 00:55 → Shizuoka 01:55 → Numazu 03:19 → Yokohama 04:40 → Shinagawa 04:57 & Oimachi” I finally arrived in Tokyo early in the morning ! Such an experience will surely be food for the future ! !

☆ Mar. 24, 2017
The trick going well is a joy. A joy makes things go well.

☆ Mar. 24, 2016
A day when I first used the Cathay Pacific’s premium lounge.

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