☆ Mar. 25, 2020

☆ Mar. 25, 2020
Don’t run away from “the reality” right in front ! Work.
☆ Mar. 25, 2019
At present, I am a “FUSHIGISO,” a day when I swear that I will become “FUSHIGIBANA” by the end of this year: blooming by the end of this year, I’m enjoying the process all the time.
☆ Mar. 25, 2018
A day I participated in the “Real-Kaiji Grand Prix”: my meeting with FUSHIGIDANE was the No.1 harvest @ Daiba Station: I swore with FUSHIGIDANE ! I will never return to Japan until I become a big man ! ! I will grow up with FUSHIGIDANE.
☆ Mar. 25, 2017
Morishige ! Are you willing to win ! ? A day my suspension of cheering for the Chunichi Dragons: the victory is everything ! The win is all, and the draw are all the loses ! ! I got pissed off today’s xxx game ! For a while, I will not see any information related to the Chunichi Dragons, and stop the support. Please do not send me anything related to the Chunichi Dragons. If I keep up with the loser, there is no way I could win for myself. Victory is everything !
☆ Mar. 25, 2016
Hanshin Tigers V.S. Chunichi Dragons: a day I went to watch the opening game at the Osaka Dome ! Victory ! !
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