☆ Mar. 29, 2020

☆ Mar. 29, 2020
Reorganization of businesses and lifestyles is essential, based on the “Corona-controlled structure of the world.”
☆ Mar. 29, 2019
A day I prioritize my work over the opening game of the Chunichi Dragons: it can be said that “it was better that I did not go to watch the game,” concentrate on work tonight ! ~ the day when I took the first step of a horse owner · the day when my Ad. was appeared on the PR Tarui.
☆ Mar. 29, 2018
Let’s smile and go over this year ! At the end, it can be said “everything was good ! !” ~ a day kicked out of my office ~
☆ Mar. 29, 2017
In this society, even though I keep working for a company, my salary will not go up, and in Japan, it can spend half on taxes. The Japanese yen might become a piece of paper in the end. In short, it’s about putting my brain into full gear every day, and winning by its intelligence !
☆ Mar. 29, 2016
Road a head: my head is exceptionally sharp & genius ! Now I feel very clearheaded ! !
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