☆ Mar. 30, 2020

競走馬 クラウドファンディング クラファン

☆ Mar. 30, 2020
I must keep working hard “I can’t survive = Horses can’t survive.” Looking at this reality.

☆ Mar. 30, 2019
The “visible result” will appear one year later. The point is that the present status is in the form of “a wish made one year ago”. What did I wish a year ago, and how did I act for a year ? And what I hope for now, it takes “one year” to get the visible outcome !

☆ Mar. 30, 2018
As usual, I will not watch the baseball games of Chunichi Dragons. Please do not talk about it. The time to watch the games could not earn 1 JPY, it is better to use the time anything else.

☆ Mar. 30, 2017
A world where the weak are victims of the strong: it’s NOT about my origin, because I’m weak, I am losing ! !

☆ Mar. 30, 2016
(早朝7時より、Queen Elizabeth号から下船された患者様の対応:イースター休暇中、休んでいた分、働く)
Taking care of the patient who got off from the Cunard Queen Elizabeth Ship from 7 o’clock in the early morning: working for the part I got absent during the Easter holidays.

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』