☆ Mar. 8, 2020

台湾 台北
☆ Mar. 8, 2020
Young men can be used as an economical gun ball, not as a scarecrow to deal with grumbling. Young people who enriched Japanese society did not obey the superior’s orders faithfully, but think and act with their own brain.
☆ Mar. 8, 2019
I visited my alma mater, Tarui Kita Junior High School, for the first time in 17 years since my 2002 graduation. And I promise that I will gift their baseball team a pitching machine.
☆ Mar. 8, 2018
Why don’t you step on and twist your enemy after knocking down !? This is why you are easy on yourself !!
☆ Mar. 8, 2017
Japanese people are trying their best to avoid the mistakes and trying to accurately follow with their original plans, but I believe it will not promise a bright future for Japan. They should increase trials, rather than decrease mistakes.
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