☆ May 14, 2020

☆ May 14, 2020
Opening date of the clinic: from the hometown of Hanbei Takenaka in Gifu to a “small local horse owner. The next generation will be even more prosperous by passing on the ” Japanese domestic horses’ dream” from father to son.

☆ May 14, 2019
Now, I am in an “economy” class ! I really want to get in on the “business” class, but if I raise the level here, I’m afraid that my growth rate will slow down. “Business” is a through-pass until I can ride the “First” every time!! Near future I am riding the “First” every time !!!

☆ May 14, 2018
Every day at midnight 4am or 5am: Endure the unbearable, snarl steals the hardship.

☆ May 14, 2017
☆Sekai Everywhere Doctor has begun to walk☆

☆ May 14, 2016

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』