☆ May 16, 2020

☆ May 16, 2020
“We will ride the current trends and do the “maximum” we could do. If we don’t adapt, we will be selected by natural elimination. That’s why we “stop sticking to way,” adapt the current trends, and choose the best ways. We have a flexible stance that does not stick to way, and focus on achieving our goals.”
☆ May 16, 2019
Working as a medical interpreter, some doctors say, “you are NOT a disease of A, but if you having a disease of A, its symptom is like this, and for this condition, such treatment is necessary.” Explain the tentative story in detail. Then, some patients might be confused of the details, and the actual medical condition often could not understood. It is the job of a medical interpreter to follow well with the patient at that time.
☆ May 16, 2018
If using the most of the intelligence, there is always a winning chance.
☆ May 16, 2017
Show them your values !
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』