☆ May 22, 2020

『木を見て、森を見て、香港と台湾の日々の変化を感じながら:立ち位置を固めていく』Looking at the trees and looking at the forest, feeling the daily change of Hong Kong and Taiwan: fixing our positions.
☆ May 22, 2019
(結局、ランチや休み時間を削ってやるしかない。下手なやつは、練習するしかない。野球でもビジネスでも一緒。とにかく昼休みや放課後に練習をしないと、差がつけられない)After all, there is no choice but to reduce the lunch and the break time. The bad guy has no choice but to practice. Baseball and business is the same. Anyway, if I do not practice in the lunch break or after school, I cannot make the difference.
☆ May 22, 2018
(山井40代完封勝利!この表情だ。戦っている。)Yamai’s 40 years old shutout pitch ! This facial expression, he is fighting.
☆ May 22, 2017
(決意『今月中に医療とWEBをやりきる!!』)Determination “Do the Medical and the WEB within this month ! !”
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』