☆Dec. 12, 2019

– Dec. 12, 2019
2019: year’s word is “ROOT” Roots / Guts / Solutions of algebraic equations in mathematics / Square roots / Cubic roots: Roots extend into the ground and water, absorb humidity and nutrients, breathe, has a supporting function: a year of fundamental reform.

– Dec. 12, 2018
2018: year’s word is “SEPARATION” ☆ Departure of defensive: Our company took off ・ Leave Hong Kong: Going to new life both public and private … We took a step ☆ Standing at the take-off point for the rich. Going through till the complete !

– Dec. 12, 2017
2017: year’s word is “OPEN” Seriously pioneered. The road has opened-up. The sleeping talent blossomed. Until the last year, I thought I was a man who had no talent but to work hard. However, it was a year I finally realized that I hadn’t been able to make use of my talents so far. A year of blooming my flower.

– Dec. 12, 2016
(2016:今年の漢字『究』究める!探究!究極!ゲームを究めるように・・・人生をゲームのように究め楽しむ !! 新人が躍進した年)
2016: year’s word is “EXPLORE”! Explore ! Pursuit ! Ultimate ! Like studying a game … Enjoying my life like a game and enjoy ! A year of leaping forward as a new comer.

– Dec. 12, 2015
2015: year’s word is “FLOAT” floats, floating, surface, floating from the floating layer First of all, I can’t rise-up unless floating from the water. Going up to the top as a good condition.