☆Dec. 22, 2019

☆Dec. 22, 2019
Veterans are judged by “achievement” rather than “experience”: Judgment is based on what they have achieved in the field rather than how long they have spent in the field. For example, in the field of horses, the achievements made within the period are more important than the years of experience.
☆Dec. 22, 2018
How precious it is that having a residence right abroad, and there are more than one country. This fact does not change for a lifetime.
☆Dec. 22, 2017
(ある人の滞在地が2か国以上にわたる場合に、その住所がどこにあるかを判定するためには、例えば、住居、職業、資産の所在、親族の居住状況、国籍等の客観的事実によって判断することになります。1年の間に居住地を数か国にわたって転々と移動する、いわゆる「永遠の旅人(Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Traveler)」の場合であっても、その人の生活の本拠がわが国にあれば、わが国の居住者となります)
If a person’s place of residence is in more than one country, to determine where the address is, for example, by judging from objective facts such as dwelling, occupation, location of property, relatives’ residence, nationality, etc. Even in the case of a so-called “Perpetual Traveler (Permanent Traveler)” who moves from place to place in several countries throughout the year, if Japan is home to the life of that person, Japan will be a resident place.
☆Dec. 22, 2016
“Passion, Execution, Effort” these are the powers to live with you and extend your ability.