☆Dec. 25, 2019

☆Dec. 25, 2019
(オーストラリアの馬主資格を申請したクリスマス:1. ホップ:オーストラリアの馬主資格を取得→2. ステップ:笠松競馬に期待の2歳馬が入厩→3. ジャンプ:JRAの馬主資格を取得)
The Christmas for applying the Australian horse owner’s certificate: 1. Hop: Obtain the Australian horse owner’s certificate → 2. Step: A 2-year-old expected horse enters the Kasamatsu stable → 3. Jump: Obtain the JRA horse owner’s certificate

☆Dec. 25, 2018
The Christmas is for organizing insurance documents from morning till night ☆ Going to the changeable future, not the unchangeable past !

☆Dec. 25, 2017
The Christmas is for recovering the time tonight we couldn’t meet for a while.

☆Dec. 25, 2016
The Christmas is for giving a little more things than usual for someone.

☆Dec. 25, 2015
The Christmas is for giving the Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon for the first time in my life.