☆Dec. 27, 2019

☆Dec. 27, 2019
It’s a burning busyness ! Now, here is the turning point! ! ~ the last 4 days ~
☆Dec. 27, 2018
The true strength of human beings is the courage to wish for happiness and do for it, and the courage to act with love of heart.
☆Dec. 27, 2017
The day of opening a bank account in Taiwan for the first time → Returning to Japan: parents after a long absence: It is a really good mood.
☆Dec. 27, 2016
Thinking about your own nation means thinking about your own life, thinking about Japan’s future means thinking about your loved one, thinking about Japan’s prosperity means thinking about the people in Japan, and regaining patriotism is to love for the people.
☆Dec. 27, 2015
Beauty salon & the day before India – organizing insurance documents “completed at 2am” → Delivered to Kwun Tong☆