☆Dec. 28, 2019

オグリキャップ クレイドルサイアー

☆Dec. 28, 2019
In 2020, “from the 1st day to the 365th day” I decided to continue working now. Today in 2020, let’s think about what I can do the next, based on the results of my hard working of 2020.

☆Dec. 28, 2018
In one day, today, how much I can get back from the blanks on the 25th and 26th <revenues during the holidays>! pillow & heater purchased at the Taikoo Shing.

☆Dec. 28, 2017
(怒涛の1日・東京を満喫:8am- 関ヶ原から米原・新幹線で東京へ、12pm- 勝鬨橋、2pm- 白金高輪、4pm- 行徳、6pm- 大塚、9pm- 新宿:日本でやりたい事は全てやった。やはり日本にいると、ニートになる。環境で全く違う人間になり、全く違う人生になる)
Enjoy Tokyo in one stormy day: 8am- Sekigahara to Tokyo via Maibara / Shinkansen, 12pm- Kachidoki-bridge, 2pm- Shirokane Takanawa, 4pm- Gyotoku, 6pm- Otsuka, 9pm- Shinjuku: I did everything what I wanted to do in Japan. After all, if I am in Japan, I will be a lazy man. Depending on the environment, I could be a completely different person and have a completely different life.

☆Dec. 28, 2016
(『三現主義』1. 現場に出向き、2. 現物に触れ、3. 現実を捉えろ)
“Three Genism” Go to the local spot, sense the actual products, and grab the reality.

☆Dec. 28, 2015
(初インド・デリー:教訓1. 複利を中心に据える 教訓2. 具体性を持ち、日々の生活に落とし込む 教訓3. 今この瞬間を最も大切にする)
India the first time in Delhi: Lessons 1. Centered on the compound interests, Lessons 2. Be specific and fall into my daily life Lessons 3. Value now at this moment as the most important.