☆Dec. 30, 2019

トウカイテイオー クワイトファイン
☆Dec. 30, 2019
Do not underestimate the potential of children. It is the adults around to be a sample that hold a lid on the possibility of children. It is not economical or educational loss, but an adult who lives in a way that denied his/her potential. The right ones are always pure children.
☆Dec. 30, 2018
Concentrate on business until I could fully repay the loan from the Chong Hing Bank !
☆Dec. 30, 2017
My own “learning ability” is low: I have to honestly accept this, and I must do three times as much as the other people do. How much the time I would not spend waste.
☆Dec. 30, 2016
Stop the game, pursue the real profits, and walk the way to the horse owner !!
☆Dec. 30, 2015
The day I decided to put financial research at the center of 2016: Taj Mahal @ Agra … no interest in the World Heritage ! No Internet ! Even no phone !
☆Dec. 30, 2014
The day I was told that “never come back from Shanghai !”