☆Dec. 9, 2019

– Dec. 9, 2019
“Soul of passion” Living now at this moment ! First of all, now at this moment is the priority more than the past and the future !! Let’s live it. Smooth and smooth.
– Dec. 9, 2018
It is necessary to identify the situation by yourself, focus on the wisdom, take action, and correct it.
– Dec. 9, 2017
Now ! Here comes the most difficult time: My life time turning point: if I could get over this point, December and January, a bright future will be promised. In order to overcome, stick to the profit anyway ! ☆ Win the match points one by one ☆
– Dec. 9, 2016
The person winning the information wars wins the world !
– Dec. 9, 2015
Suddenly, going to Taiwan・Kitty-chan’s jet & Almost late arrival → Airplane delayed ☆ Lucky punch as usual.☆