☆Feb. 11, 2020

☆Feb. 11, 2020
Again, the world is up to the negotiation power. What life goes, dreams can come true, depends on own negotiations. Depending on the negotiations, things that don’t come true come true, things that come true don’t come true.

☆Feb. 11, 2019
(<『朝を輝かせる』行動習慣>最もクリエイティヴになれる時間は『朝』朝起きてから2時間〜4時間が、最も脳が働いている状態 → 朝起きた瞬間から、勝負は始まっている。もし朝にストレスを感じならば、一日全体の決断力や集中力、記憶力が劣る)
<Behavioral habits to “Brighten the Morning”> The most creative time is for 2 to 4 hours after getting up in the morning, with the brain working the most. The life starts from the moment waking up in the morning. If feeling stressed in the morning, whole day’s determination, concentration and memory will be poor.

☆Feb. 11, 2018
Inspire ! Change the world with our soul !!

☆Feb. 11, 2017
Seek the “goddess of victory” with whole body ! Do not miss it !!

☆Feb. 11, 2016
World news reported by Japanese media is biased. The world is not always the same viewpoint as in Japan. There are a wide variety of points, but the news in Japan is the same tone based on a single viewpoint, and no diversity. People are not skeptical about the news, and they are easy going to the same direction. Also a little interest in what is happening in the world.