☆Feb. 17, 2020


☆Feb. 17, 2020
(Q1. ゴミの値打ちもないプライドを持っている事
Q2. 固定観念に縛られている事
Q3. ライフワークじゃなくて、ライスワークをしている事
Q4. 考えているとか口ばっかりで、すぐ行動に移さない事
A1. 安っぽいプライドを捨てろ
A2. 固定観念を捨てろ
A3. 労働時間を捨てて勉強にあてろ
A4. 余計な思考を捨てて今すぐやれ)
Q1. Having a pride that isn’t worth of the trash
Q2. Being caught by stereotypes
Q3. Doing rice work, not life work
Q4. Don’t take action immediately by thinking or just talking
“Say it again.”
A1. Discard the cheap pride
A2. Discard the stereotypes
A3. Discard the labor work and use the time for study
A4. Discard unnecessary thoughts and do it now

☆Feb. 17, 2019
“Declaration of being a horse owner within 2019.”

☆Feb. 17, 2018
Neither Thailand nor the Philippines are the best environments for myself. Try to manage a living in an English native countries.

☆Feb. 17, 2017
(リストを利かせて 放て怒号の一撃を 敵を打ち抜く お前のパワーを見せてやれ!)
Use the list and release the soul strike and beat the enemies by showing your power !

☆Feb. 17, 2016
Escape from the manual labor … ☆The day taking the first step☆