☆Feb. 18, 2020

☆Feb. 18, 2020
“Honest” means not to lie, not to betray, more than that, saying what you like is “like” and what you dislike is “dislike.” Saying what you can is “can” and what you can’t is “cannot.” Be honest with human’s emotions. This honesty leads to trust.
☆Feb. 18, 2019
Must do something ! Must rise more !!
☆Feb. 18, 2018
The day the continuation has paid off.
☆Feb. 18, 2017
The day of the first post at the Shenzhen Airport post office.
☆Feb. 18, 2016
There is only one day today. Let’s live with best today.
☆Feb. 18, 2013
The day I first visited Yonaguni Island.