☆Feb. 2, 2020

☆Feb. 2, 2020
“The day Floral Park won the race.” Get things what I really want at first and make sure to secure. Never have a chance to get it, so it is called “chance.”
☆Feb. 2, 2019
“Totally exhausted” Being fresh mind ! Seriously !! And if don’t do it desperately, will not win !!!
☆Feb. 2, 2018
Email to my home junior high school (Came up in my dream)
→ Having a phone call from the school principal.
☆Feb. 2, 2017
☆A sales day☆Dokodemo Dr. ! with smile ! Devote full power on its advertisement !!
☆Feb. 2, 2016
The day completed all the works and jumped on a plane to Dubai.
☆Feb. 2, 2015
To the business partner of the “Running City” … the planning before doing should be “minimum,” by trusting with each other’s “individual ability,” let’s start it first. Reports, communications, and discussions are all “after” doing. It is outdated to report, communicate and discuss in advance. Try and error repeatedly, think with running together. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is saying, “Prioritize individual ideas more than internal communications.”