☆Feb. 20, 2020

☆Feb. 20, 2020
It is clear that it is impossible to be a Japan’s JRA horse owner by “working income,” but now I am earning “working income” in the reality. How can I change this situation? A year later, after seeing this post, I don’t want to be frustrated anymore. I must change.
☆Feb. 20, 2019
“Execute a strategic move.” Taking steps in advance for the future.
☆Feb. 20, 2018
Walk the talk☆Man of his word … What saying ! what thinking ! Continue to be a person directly coming out.
☆Feb. 20, 2017
(具体的な「智慧」と「発想」は、 本気で『優勝するんだ』という 強い意志がなければ生まれてこない)
Concrete “wisdom” and “idea” cannot be created without a strong will to “win victory” seriously.
☆Feb. 20, 2016
Think seriously where going and what actions taking to increase the time value more !
☆Feb. 20, 2015
(いい感じだ・・・しかし 今日の三井寿は いいぜ・・・山王よ 体のバランス 指先のボールのかかり具合 手首の返し ピシャリだ 落とす気がしねえ)
It feels good … but today’s Mitsui Hisashi is good … Sanno, the balance of the body, the degree of the ball on my fingertips, the return of my wrist, it’s sharp, and I don’t feel like dropping the ball.