☆Feb. 26, 2020

☆Feb. 26, 2020
With a limited amount of time staying on the earth, think seriously !! How to help the society ! and How to show the values !!
☆Feb. 26, 2019
Now, here’s the turning point of “Rich” or “Decay”: we must attack more and more !
☆Feb. 26, 2018
I must get the results in tension. There are still many points my ability is not enough. Having a sense of crisis and must take it serious. I can’t win very much as it is.
☆Feb. 26, 2017
2017 is a leap year of the 10 months remaining. There is no chance, so we call it a chance. Surely get this chance !
☆Feb. 26, 2016
I have returned to my Hong Kong office. I’m very motivated, and this gives me momentum. I can only see dreams and hopes.
☆Feb. 26, 2015
Playing Pokemon and having fun with myself, but Zero social contribution: not useful.