☆Feb. 5, 2020

☆Feb. 5, 2020
The weak one, when moving forward, must go advance to infinity, without any limits ! A spirit separating from the strong one as much as possible when it’s possible.
☆Feb. 5, 2019
(世界戦では強者が勝つ。 厳しい、無味乾燥な国際社会の現実を理解しない限り、日本の国際地位は向上しない)
In the world war, the strongest one wins. Japan’s international status will not improve unless they understand the realities of the harsh and dry society in the world.
☆Feb. 5, 2018
Now, this moment is the most brilliant time.
☆Feb. 5, 2017
Life is always a result of repeating “A” or “B” choices !
☆Feb. 5, 2016
The first day of watching at the Meydan Racecourse after giving diamonds and golds in Dubai.
☆Feb. 5, 2015
Active entrepreneurs and successful people are all “work enthusiasts.” There’s no reason to quit because they can do some fun and get the money. If we could lose ourselves in our work, our abilities will open up and acknowledged by others. If truly enjoy the work that will be spent most of the day, our life will be fulfilled and close to the success.