☆Feb. 9, 2020


☆Feb. 9, 2020
Holding a contact now and hoping to keep the contact from now on, not only contacting irregularly, but occasionally telling their celebration, and regularly share the update. That is the connection between people. Let’s make long lasting relationship.

☆Feb. 9, 2019
Sengoku wars are mainly based on “indirect invasion” and “propaganda”. The battle is just the “ceremony” at last.

☆Feb. 9, 2018
Crystal of Wisdom <Show Your Victory (Value) to the World>

☆Feb. 9, 2017
“Change creates stability” The bigger the change, the bigger the money starts to spin and comes back to where it should be.

☆Feb. 9, 2016
First time watching the Singapore Horse Racing & Johor Bahru