☆Jan. 10, 2020

☆Jan. 10, 2020
13 years ago, 2007: 1sgd (Singapore dollar) = approx. 80 yen. 2020: 1sgd = approx. 80 yen. The apparent exchange rate has not changed for 13 years. However, Singapore’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has increased approximately 1.8 times from 272.7 billion sgd (2007) to 498 billion sgd (2019), while Japan’s GDP has been almost flat. Over the past 13 years, while the domestic economy has stagnated by deflation, foreign economies have steadily grown. Japan → Overseas: Surprisingly high prices, Overseas → Japan: Surprisingly low prices. If neither individuals nor societies want to be boiled frogs, they have no choice but to change their frogs.
☆Jan. 10, 2019
My greatest strength is that in the morning ! day-time ! night-time ! basically can naturally continue working without resting: If no talent, “continuation” is the life source !
☆Jan. 10, 2018
“Mehrabian’s law” 7% of language information such as story content, 38% of auditory information such as tone and speed of speech, 55% of visual information such as appearance, so called “Rules of 7-38-55.” There is only choice to use in human society.
☆Jan. 10, 2017
Life is is the result of repeating two choices, to do ! or not to do !
☆Jan. 10, 2016
More thoughts writing on paper ! write ! write ! write and beat it !!