☆Jan. 11, 2020

☆Jan. 11, 2020
“The United States thanks President Tsai for her leadership in developing a strong partnership with the United States and applauds her commitment to maintaining cross-Strait stability in the face of unrelenting pressure,” Pompeo said.
☆Jan. 11, 2019
Fast-working personnel get the day’s tasks done quickly and get an extra time. The extra time is a legitimate result of working efficiently. It must be evaluated by financial rewards. If required extra work for the extra time, it must exchange with legitimate rewards.
☆Jan. 11, 2018
In a lazy era, those who are willing to enter a hungry road and keep the hungry spirit … those who got weakened their “wild sense” when being fulfilled.
☆Jan. 11, 2017
We must change the current status. We must start to change it.
☆Jan. 11, 2016
Dedicate the time improving himself/herself inside, instead of going to the waste meeting outside, it’ll invest for tomorrow.