☆Jan. 13, 2020

☆Jan. 13, 2020
“Under the precedent principle,” doing things exactly following with the precedent. It is common sense that the precedents succeeded in the past are right, without fully verified, and denying the precedents is stupid, out of common sense, even labeled … the verification; it was right in the past, but being out of dated now, considers as a foolish act.
☆Jan. 13, 2019
Since New Year’s Day till now, I have been working very well. Full energetic ! Will not miss the prey aiming at.
☆Jan. 13, 2018
Simply “those who can study well” are not respected enough. Rather, the one who stands out for something in details like music, sports, or railroads, or thinking about mathematical and physics formulas all day, could acknowledge one’s superiority.
☆Jan. 13, 2017
(困難がその人を 鍛えあげる 磨きあげる 本物にする)
Difficulties make the person train, polish and make the person genuine.