☆Jan. 14, 2020

☆Jan. 14, 2020
“No need, no act.” By March 2022, I must use my entire energy and become a qualified horse owner of “JRA.” My marriage and having a family is a story afterwards.
☆Jan. 14, 2019
Nothing can keep both having fun and earning. It is the result of tens and thousands of paying their dues !
☆Jan. 14, 2018
(子供に「あなたは数学ができない」と 言ってはいけないそうだ。例えば運動でも言語でも。そう言われた子供は、数学ができないと自ら思い込み、実際に不得意になってしまう。結果、やらず嫌いになる。「◯◯ができない」と言うと、そこで伸びなくなる)
Not telling the child, “You can’t do math,” and also sports or language. The child is convinced that he cannot do mathematics, and actually becomes weak. As a result, hate it. If saying “can’t do it,” it won’t grow over the point.
☆Jan. 14, 2017
Good work is an ingenuity that makes customers and those around them happy. Doing work that will please our customers and those around us, and devising it, doing it faster and more. In addition, the idea is to improve the quality of work and make customers and those around them happy.
☆Jan. 14, 2016
Doing it for people … I realize my own venture business.
☆Jan. 14, 2015
“Mokkei” refers to the strongest state of cockfighting that does not move at all like a carved chicken.