☆Jan. 15, 2020

☆Jan. 15, 2020
If I couldn’t do it during the day, do it at night. If I couldn’t do it at night, I’ll do it the next morning. When I feel that I couldn’t do it, I will do it rapidly. Must go one step at a time with minimal delay.

☆Jan. 15, 2019
Do it with all my best ! “Let’s go to the hometown of Saika-Shu: to Kii-Country at the end of this year.”

☆Jan. 15, 2018
Win with “Intelligence and Wisdom”: concentrate on in-house works and achieve “outrageous results.”

☆Jan. 15, 2017
Goodness circulates by giving words of appreciation and expressing appreciation.

☆Jan. 15, 2016
When fighting with my girlfriend, I told her “You are NOT the Princess, and NOT in the center of the world !!” And she told me back “You are the ONE taking care of me like the Princess, and escort me to the center of the world !!”