☆Jan. 19, 2020

☆Jan. 19, 2020
Coming up with good idea, stop and do it on the spot ! If possible, don’t stop and do it on the spot !! At the moment of coming up with good ideas, if don’t do it on the spot, the “God of Chance” will soon go elsewhere.

☆Jan. 19, 2019
“Determination to become a professional” and “Strong will to change the world by myself”

☆Jan. 19, 2018
(1. ドバイの家維持 2. ルーマニアの会社維持 3. 香港の居住権維持)
1. Keep the home in Dubai 2. Keep the company in Romania 3. Keep the residence right in Hong Kong

☆Jan. 19, 2017
The source of the energy of life lies in your mind. So hold your thoughts big and high.

☆Jan. 19, 2016
No matter who says what, do it !