☆Jan. 2, 2020

☆Jan. 2, 2020
Running more ! Take seriously the fact that delaying of one day will affect “the life event,” and breaking through the To-Do list, ride on the Maroon 5 payphone, drop off the useless meat, and run through = the end of the year comes soon.
☆Jan. 2, 2019
Must do something for the bright future of the life and the company ! That’s it !!
☆Jan. 2, 2018
I will not meet with people this year = Talking to computer rather than the people “Time to meet with people is minimal.”
☆Jan. 2, 2017
Thinking only in my head is first-class ! But it’s second-class in the real world because there’s a mismatch between what I think and what I do !!
☆Jan. 1, 2016
I will focus on making profits by completing on the Internet only.
☆Jan. 1, 2015
Thoroughly do it ! Get the number one !! Break through it !!!