☆Jan. 20, 2020

☆Jan. 20, 2020
Anyhow and everyhow, I got to try myself for challenging the new place. Before worrying about self-appearance, say “do it first.” Specialize in the way of surviving and succeeding in the world.

☆Jan. 20, 2019
☆Living is like only one night … one night show☆

☆Jan. 20, 2018
☆20th day of a break☆Concentrating on the work. Living place is considered in three options: Hong Kong or Singapore or Dubai. Japan, I will return temporarily when my horse goes to race in the future.

☆Jan. 20, 2017
It doesn’t suddenly become “new rich.” Having belief, studying gradually every night, working in the day and live up to the right.

☆Jan. 20, 2016
Things will work only with the support and help of others.