☆Jan. 22, 2020

☆Jan. 22, 2020
Chinese New Year holiday: Taiwan Jan. 23-29, China Jan. 24-30, Hong Kong Jan. 25-28, Macau Jan. 24-29, Korea Jan. 24-27, Singapore Jan. 25-27: Where and what to do during this period.

☆Jan. 22, 2019
For those who does not have the talent, the only way to survive is to focus on the quantity.

☆Jan. 22, 2018
(1. 理想のゴールを決める事→2. 優先順位を決める事→3. 一貫性を持ってやる事)
1. Determine the ideal goal → 2. Determine the priorities → 3. Do it as being consistent

☆Jan. 22, 2017
To create new thing, constantly explore it. Listen carefully to people. Accept their ideas honestly and be open new ideas.