☆Jan. 23, 2020

姫路競馬 ララフォーナ
☆Jan. 23, 2020
Minimization, simplification, and slimming: Minimize multiple bank accounts and credit cards, check each statement one by one, minimize “fixed automatic debits” every month, eliminate installments, and always remember the account balance. Limit expenses to a level that can be covered by cash lump sum payment, and focus on increasing net assets.
☆Jan. 23, 2019
Build the assets in Dubai while protecting the assets in Philippine ! Hang in there.
☆Jan. 23, 2018
Zero talent … the only way I can win is to make a pile of dust. Don’t aim for a home run, just repeating a single hit.
☆Jan. 23, 2017
The day decided to abandon the concept of “sleep at night”: there is no choice but to move forward as much as possible in a good mood !
☆Jan. 23, 2016
When can I buy a private residence in Maldives ?