☆Jan. 25, 2020


☆Jan. 25, 2020
(ネット・スマホ・ブロードバンドにより「等しく情報にアクセスできる時代」差を付けるのは、行動力しかない。ただやってみる。JUST DO IT:やるかどうか、やるかやらないか。頑張っていこう)
Action is the only thing standing out from the rest in the time of “equally accessible information” with Internet, smartphone, and broadband. JUST DO IT: Do it or not. Let’s do our best.

☆Jan. 25, 2019
Double income → Real estate → Horse Owner ☆Step by step☆

☆Jan. 25, 2018
The world can be changed by myself ! One can change the world !! I change the world !!!

☆Jan. 25, 2017
Always do my best ! Play hard ! I can’t win because there is not enough power left in the match point. Improve my basic skills.

☆Jan. 25, 2016
The outside is crowded, four consecutive holidays since Saturday, but no time to rest. When they are resting, I have the chance to stand out. I was told dozens of times. It’s not great for those who always trying their best, instead the one not using the full power win at the end.

☆Jan. 25, 2015
Internet Business New Year’s Day: do the best for eating the pineapple cake at night !