☆Jan. 26, 2020

☆Jan. 26, 2020
“Do not stop” Follow the road, cutoff in the middle, hit a wall, even many difficulties, never stop. Instead of stopping at a red light, walk on the blue side. Keep going. “The continuity” leads to the success.
☆Jan. 26, 2019
Hong Kong Louis Vuitton: Get new shoes and take a fresh start.
☆Jan. 26, 2018
The most common type of “favorite man” is a “gentle man”, but the type actually required is not a “gentle man” but a “strong man”. For woman, the expression is a strong man who protects herself = a gentle man. It doesn’t work even he treats her “gently” while she is looking for a “gentle man.”
☆Jan. 26, 2017
(非常に大きなRICH or POORのターニングポイントだった・・・)
It was a very big RICH or POOR turning point …
☆Jan. 26, 2016
I’m not good at moving by car. Reduce the time riding car and bus and prioritize travel by plane and train. Above all, the premise is to reduce the travel time and the distance.
☆Jan. 26, 2015
Go ahead, Get a win, Now is the time, For this chance, Let’s get it.