☆Jan. 29, 2020

☆Jan. 29, 2020
It’s good to believe in people, but set the horse in the middle and watch carefully ! Look at the actions, not the words. If one is irresponsible with people, one is more irresponsible with horses. “If you don’t have reliable people and places, you can’t protect a horse with ideals, beliefs, and individuals. If you would not underestimate your own power, you will be failed.”
☆Jan. 29, 2019
Not the strongest man will win ! But the winner is the strongest !!
☆Jan. 29, 2018
Anyhow, be aggressive in “sales” ! Get “wealth” and “success” by active sales !!
☆Jan. 29, 2017
Not interested in fireworks at all. Rather, focus on the glorious future for 24 hours. If no talent, must spend a time to win.
☆Jan. 29, 2016
“Shindo”: a person who performs tremendous abilities in a specific field