☆Jan. 5, 2020

☆Jan. 5, 2020
Even we think it is a small promise, it may be a big promise for the person who promised. If we can’t keep the promise, we’ll be unlocked it when it is convinced by the promised person. Selfish cancellation of the promise breaks the relationship of people. Peoples relationship is important.
☆Jan. 5, 2019
New Year’s first “5-star hotel stay” Conrad Hong Kong ☆ 2018 Bulbasaur・2019 Ivysaur・2020 Venusaur
☆Jan. 5, 2018
One has strong competitive spirit, and always take an effort to be a professional person.
☆Jan. 5, 2017
Take care of our pure heart
☆Jan. 5, 2016
(Forbes “30 under 30″を確認し、さらなる飛躍を誓った日!)
The day I checked the Forbes “30 under 30” and swore a leap forward !