☆Jan. 6, 2020

オーストラリア 馬主

☆Jan. 6, 2020
A sense of crisis that always assumes the worst ! A storm of pressure on myself ! Midwinter frigid than everlasting warmth ! Whether the Lara Fauna can run on the JRA’s race again depends on I can qualify myself as the horse owner: Grow myself more than my horse !

☆Jan. 6, 2019
If don’t rest 365 days and keep working, everything we want to do should come true ! Not doing the best from tomorrow, but from today ! First, do the best only for today. Only those who have started doing the best today will go tomorrow !!

☆Jan. 6, 2018
Once again ! Renew my spirit !! Inspire goodness with the intercontinental’s breakfast.

☆Jan. 6, 2017
(似合うカラーは『紺』だ!Navy Blueで攻めろ!!)
The matching color is “Navy” ! Attack with “Navy Blue” !!

☆Jan. 6, 2016
New Year’s first insurance working day, 2am at night completed.