☆Jan. 8, 2020

トウカイテイオー クワイトファイン
☆Jan. 8, 2020
The day the Tokai Teio successor stallion project, the road of Quite Fine’s Stallion got success. Next year, may horse be born safely.
☆Jan. 8, 2019
The day I felt that the “game points” are clearly visible.
☆Jan. 8, 2018
(Forbes JAPAN 1月号:なぜ俺がここに載っていないんだ!奮い立て!!)
Forbes JAPAN January Issue: Why I’m not listed in here ! Inspire !!
☆Jan. 8, 2017
Flowers bloomed at the age of 30 … Late huge blooms !
☆Jan. 8, 2016
Look at this potential, make us rich !!
☆Jan. 8, 2015
Champagne debut “The day Sophie drank champagne for the first time.”